New gay club XY opens in heart of Vancouver’s Davie Village

New space classy addition to nightlife, say patrons on opening night

Nathaniel Christopher Xtra [Vancouver, B.C.]
June 25 marked the club’s big unveiling.
Photo: Nathaniel Christopher

After months of extensive renovation, the Bute Street space that formerly housed Jupiter Café, J-Lounge and Heaven’s Door re-opened as XY nightclub on June 25.

“I don’t know if you’ll be able to find anything from the old J-Lounge here now,” says owner Jenn Mickey, who also owns 1181. “It’s pretty much all new.”

The multipurpose space includes a lounge area, a patio, two DJ booths and a stage, as well as VIP booths.

“We’ll definitely be a nightclub on the weekend but we have a great patio here and hopefully in the future we’ll be able to open the other patio,” Mickey says. “We’ll be open during the day but I tried to keep it as multipurpose as possible.  We tried to think of something for everyone.”

Riley Askew, who was one of the first customers of the evening on opening night, says XY brings a touch of class and sophistication to Vancouver’s nightlife.

Owner Jenn Mickey (right, with community activist Barb Snelgrove) spent months extensively renovating XY, located at 1216 Bute St.
Photo: Nathaniel Christopher

“I absolutely love what I see so far,” he says. “I heard someone say, ‘it’s so great for Davie Street’ but I think it’s so great for Vancouver in general. I haven’t seen any club even on Granville that comes close to how nice and modern and chic this place is.”

Askew says there is always more room for new gay spaces in the community. “I think all the clubs and pubs and places along this strip would agree that more is better. It’s not necessarily competition, I think. They definitely all are in one community and we all like to support it.”

Drag performer Valynne Vile says XY brings some much-needed variety to Vancouver’s nightlife.

“The grungy bars are awesome but we need a little mix here and there, so having a little class with our ass is great,” she says. “The stage is beautiful and the curtain is controlled by a remote so I’m so excited for that. I’m ecstatic to finally get on that stage and break it in.”

Mickey confirms that XY is a gay bar. “We’re right in the heart of the Davie Village so of course it’s a gay space,” she says.  “Anyone’s welcome here but we’re definitely excited to be part of the gay community.”

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