I voted in a mall!

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I like voting. It’s a fun, easy and affordable way to participate in the democratic process.

And it just got a lot easier here in Burnaby ‘cause we get to vote at the mall!

I’ll be out of province on municipal election day (Nov 15) so I voted in an advance poll at Brentwood Town Centre on Nov 1. Advance polls will also be open on Nov 5 and Nov 8 at Brentwood Town Centre, Metropolis at Metrotown, Lougheed Town Centre, Shadbolt Centre for the Arts and Edmonds Community Centre.

I have only ever voted in a school, community centre or church. These are places that I wouldn’t otherwise go to. This year, however, it really felt like the election came to me as I was able to cast my vote while I was doing my weekly Brentwood shop.

Aside from the novel location it was just like every other municipal election. I presented my voting card to the poll clerk who handed me a ballot. I marked and cast my ballot and then went on with my day. The entire process took less than two minutes.
It was easy and convenient.

The location used to be an Athlete’s World shoe store where I bought my current runners in 2012.

I also got this fun purple sticker which I placed on Khan:

Sadly, cats are not eligible to vote in this election. That being said, I think Khan’s vote does count – especially when tuna is on the ballot.

For more info on the election check out the City of Burnaby’s election page.

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