Licorice ice cream

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Have you ever had licorice ice cream? It’s my favourite flavour but it’s so darn hard to find so I was absolutely thrilled to learn that my neighbourhood ice cream place, Gleburn Soda Fountain and Confectionary, had just added Licorice Marble ice cream to their menu. I’ve gone there twice this week for a scoop… or two.

Glenburn uses Birchwood Dairy ice cream which has a 16 per cent butterfat content. This means it tastes really good.

Licorice ice cream at Glenburn.
Licorice ice cream at Glenburn.

Birchwood describes their licorice marble flavour as “a black licorice flavour based marbled with a dark black licorice.” I thought it was very good. The licorice flavour is on the light side – it’s not overpowering. That being said, it carries a nice blend of flavours that meld well with the cream. The colour is very light and it has a pleasant aftertaste. It’s a definite must for any licorice lover.

My all-time favourite licorice ice cream was produced by Island Farms but they have discontinued it in recent years. They used to sell it in those big 11.4 litre bulk tubs. Back when I was growing up and until about 2010 it was not terribly uncommon to find a gas station or corner store on Vancouver Island that sold it.

It was as black as a slab of cold coal and packed a very potent dose of licorice flavour that just grabbed your taste buds. You had to be careful eating this ice cream if you wearing a white shirt. I hope they bring this flavour back.

Island Farms Licorice ice cream at the Old Country Market in Coombs B.C. 2009.
Island Farms Licorice ice cream at the Old Country Market in Coombs B.C. 2009.
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  1. Hi there! Love your post! Wanted to let you know (in case you’ve been in withdrawal all these years) there’s an Island Farms ice cream stand in Kelowna, BC. It’s located inside a fruit and vegetables market called Paynter’s. They sell black licorice ice cream there…and it’s just delightful!
    Make the trek! So worth it!!

  2. I recall a gelato place on the main strip in Harrison hot springs carries licorice ice cream as well as one of the shoppes on marine at white rock beach. If you are up at cultus lake, right beside the water slides is a little shop called cone heads. The gentleman serves up massive scoops of ice cream and also carries licorice. DQ used to years ago! As you can tell my favourite is licorice and I would love to be able to purchase a bucket at a time instead of a cone.

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