Birthday cake flavour Oreo cookies [Video]

Nathaniel Christopher
Birthday cake flavour Oreo cookies
Birthday cake flavour Oreo cookies

The other day I discovered the limited edition birthday cake flavour Oreo cookies at Safeway.

I like Oreos and absolutely love the taste of birthday cake so this was a must-have treat for Nathaniel. When I saw they were on sale for only $2.99 I had to pinch myself and ask if it wasn’t, in fact, my early already.

These cookies are that delicious!

They look just like regular Oreo cookies except there are colourful birthday sprinkles in the icing which tastes just like cake batter. Many bloggers have complained that they are over-sweet but I find that the cake taste really goes well with the chocolate wafer and it all balances out nicely.

They certainly have more kick and pizzazz than the regular Oreo cookies which have a comparatively bland taste. I’ll certainly buy these again and hope they are not just a temporary promotion that will be gone from the shelves in a few months.

Here’s my video review:


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