Google maps the indoors!

Nathaniel Christopher

Google now maps interior spaces such as airports and department stores. Apparently they announced this program about a year ago but I just noticed it the other day when I was doing a random Google Maps search. When I zoomed in on the Nordstrom store in Corte Madera, California I noticed that the locations of the various departments were labelled according to their location on the first floor of the store.

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Switching over to the “Map” view reveals an even more detailed floor plan which shows the locations of shelving units, aisles, elevators, counters, and bathrooms.

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I love this feature as I am not someone who enjoys lingering indefinitely in stores and malls. I hate trying to navigate stores when I’d rather just go in, get what I need, and leave. That being said, I should mention that I’ve been to this particular Nordstrom before and was very impressed at how organized, well-laid out, and navigable this store was. It felt up-scale, clean, and stylish.

There are definitely stores that could benefit more from this service than Nordstrom. Have you ever tried to find your way around Macy’s? It took me forever to find the hand towels! I do hope that Google expands this service to other chains, including stores in Canada.

Here’s Google’s video:

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