Meow Mix makes my cat barf!

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It was three years ago today when I welcomed a 20 lb grey behemoth into my life and home. Having a cat, especially one as cuddly and friendly as Khan, is really one of the best things about life and feel fortunate to have him.

My poor carpets, however, beg to differ. Sometimes Khan likes to splatter them with barf. It’s not so bad these days but there was a time when it seemed like he was puking every other day. Alarmed, I closely monitored what he was eating and isolated the source of the problem: Meow Mix Market Select wet cat food.


Meow Mix Market Select wet cat food

I had no choice but to remove it from his diet. He sulked for a few days but eventually got used to his new non-wet cat food reality.

Housemate was thumbing through a newspaper yesterday when he stumbled upon this coupon:

Meow Mix coupon

“Buy one get one free!” enthused Housemate. “You really should get that, it’ll save you money.”

“Hmm…” I said. “Don’t you remember this shit? It made Khan puke all the time.”

“Ahh!” replied Housemate. “I guess that’s how the buy one get one free offer works. You buy one and then you get another one for free after the cat pukes it up on the carpet!”

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  1. Thanks! I think my disgusting rug is pretty much the end of the circle of life… it’s this siledsponge of broken dreams and despair!

  2. Hilarious! I really like how it all comes full circle: food in-food out. It’s consumer culture in a capsule. Excellent!

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