I am a resident of Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada who has blogged here for 20 years. I like to share my thoughts and feelings on my own online space. From 1998 until 2017 I worked as a journalist and I hope to use this website as an archive for all of my stories.


  1. I KNEW when I saw the title of this video, EXACTLY what you were going to do…because thats what I used to do in university lol. I even was so bad that occasionally, I would go into the apartment building next door and steal theirs LOL. And.. I agree with Dolly, the part where you get busted dumpster diving is the best part.. that guy probably walked away thinking you were homeless hahahahhaha

  2. OMG best vid ever! I love that you got busted at the end. Fabulous! I laughed so hard at this. Keep up the good work friend! When I have more time I’m linking this to my blog. Great money saving tip!

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