Real estate ad showcases VERY messy (hoarder?) apartment!

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The third season of the TV show Hoarders premiered this week but I think the real show might be here in Vancouver where real estate trumps reality television in what the fuck.

My friend Tamara Paulin posted a link to a real estate listing for a foreclosed apartment in Vancouver. “Let’s play a game,” she posts on her Facebook. “Hoarders or bachelors?”

Here are the photos:

“The only thing missing from that listing is a chalk outline of a dead body,” says my brother Gino.

Why the hell would someone trying to sell this place post those photos? Not only is the place a hoarder’s dream castle, it looks like the lock has been busted off the door, and that the foreclosed owners still live there but have just popped out for smokes.

The guy selling the place is the first to admit it’s a dump.

“We can’t sexy this up, it’s disgusting” says Vancouver realtor Ian Watt who posted the listing. “The photos don’t do it justice. The photos make it look so good. I just walked out of there and my clothes stink like I’ve been smoking in a bar or something.”

He confirms that there is a person, and a cat, living in the suite and apparently the cat’s litter box hasn’t been changed in a very long time.

View PDF of the listing

A PDF of the listing

“Some people won’t enter because the door doesn’t fully open,” he says. “There’s so much stuff.”

Under British Columbia’s foreclosure system residents can’t be evicted until
the place is sold. The occupants wouldn’t let the real estate agent in of their own accord so he went
through the courts to get a bailiff to change the locks.

He hasn’t met the owners. But they leave the space long enough for him to show it before coming back.

He posted the photos, which were not allowed on the MLS site, to show potential buyers exactly what to expect.

The current owners, however, won’t be put out on the street when the place gets sold. Apparently they’ll receive a cheque for any equity remaining once the mortgage and the various fees are paid.

I really enjoyed chatting with Ian – he’s a lot of fun and a refreshing change from many other Vancouver real estate people I’ve spoken with who tend to be so effin’ fake.

He’s a real ham! Here’s one of his YouTube vids:

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  1. I’d buy it, on the condition that the rubbish cluttering the place is uncleaned and untouched; that I move into the apartment exactly as seen. I’d feel right at home.

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