Congratulations, Housemate!

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So yeah, my housemate recently added yet another degree to his “vanity wall”. He got his Master’s in science! w00t! He’s been working on his PhD for the last year or so so I think he actually finished his degree some time ago but got the piece of paper at a ceremony sometime in the last few weeks.

Khan, an aspiring academic, checks out Housemate's new degree.
Khan, an aspiring academic, checks out Housemate’s new degree.

I didn’t go to the ceremony.

Firstly, the ceremony was in the morning and I am not the biggest fan of mornings. Secondly, too many parents attend these things and I feel incredibly out of place in front of other peoples’ parents.

He got his Master’s degree in some kind of science. I flipped through his thesis and it’s all mumbo-jumbo to me.  I wanted to paste some of it in this blog entry but Housemate forbade me. His reason? “It’s not in the library yet.”

Khan relaxing next to the bound copies of Housemate's thesis.
Khan relaxing next to the bound copies of Housemate’s thesis.
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  1. Aww, cute 🙂 Does the University of Vancouver have the appropriate accomodations for Khan?

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