Housemate FINALLY turfs old pizza

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As you all know my housemate has an iron palate when it comes to pizza. He’ll order the nastiest pizza from Domino’s or Panago and eat it up to a week after it’s been in the fridge.

Some of you may remember his more unusual methods of reviving “dead” pizza.

Usually he’ll throw it out after I nag him or it’ll just mysteriously “vanish” from the fridge. But I’ve often wondered what it would finally take Dave to throw out pizza on his own volition.

Last week Dave ordered a Panormous pizza from Pizza Hut.


Panormous Pizza
Panormous Pizza

He seems to like ’em – I’m not a huge fan. Today he was debating if he should have some. My brother advised him via MSN to have some courage.

“B’ah!” exclaims Dave. “It’s stuck to the box. It’s dead on arrival.”


Into the garbage it goes.

Panormous in the trash
Panormous in the trash

What do you think?

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  1. When really in doubt cook it in the microwave until its piping hot all the way into the middle this will kill any bacteria and will allow you to take a big huge bite out of it, if it tastes nasty then spit it out and throw it away, if it tastes good then enjoy. Simple.

  2. when in doubt, use the smell test.
    I’m reminded of an old weird al song called “livin’ in the fridge”. I think most of us bachelor-type men have had the experience of finding leftovers, or even raw ingredients, in the fridge, and asking the age old question: “How the fuck long has this been in here?!?!”

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