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My housemate’s undead Chinese food!

The other day my housemate decided to buy us Chinese food. So, I thought I’d repay his kindness with this blog entry.

We’re not exactly sure when we ordered Chinese food. I recall it as either Saturday or Sunday but my housemate is certain it was last night.

All that’s left now is a big pile of noodles that were supposed to be chow mein. Khan had the chicken balls and I had the sweet and sour pork.

Preparing that three day old Chinese food for human consumption was a lesson in necromancy.

He popped the noddly mound in the microwave only to repeat the process twice more. Finally, he entered the room, plate of noodles in hand, with a cloud of disappointment.

Housemate's undead Chinese food
Housemate’s undead Chinese food

“Unfortunately this was not as delicious as I had originally hoped.”

*scrape* *scrape* *scrape*

He is now preparing a nice, fresh bowl of cereal.

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