McDonald’s double cheesburger shortage

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McDonald's double cheeseburger
McDonald’s double cheeseburger


I love McDonald’s. In fact, I live off of their Value Menu. It’s where I seem to get most of my food these days.

 I have some friends here in Vancouver who have expressed their reservations about my tendency to eat at McDonald’s.  “Eew,” they moan. “How can you eat that crap?” or “Do you know what that does to your body?” and my favourite “Haven’t you seen that movie, ‘Supersize Me’?”

 Firstly, I kind of like McDonald’s. I enjoy their burgers. They seem to be consistent wherever I go.

 Secondly, McDonald’s is really convenient and quick. It’s right next to my house. When I’m hungry I just run over there and dinner’s ready in under 10 minutes.

 Thirdly, and most importantly, I’m poor and McDonald’s is cheap. For  about $1.50 I can get a filling, tasty burger. It’s not the healthiest lunch, but usually I bring it home and cook some vegetables to go with it. When things get really tight, I can usually scrape together $1.50 in spare change to get some dinner.

 Sadly, this may soon change.

According to the New York Daily News McDonald’s might discontinue the double cheeseburger from their menu due to the rising price of cheese. Some American franchises have already replaced the item with a double hamburger or a double hamburger with one slice of cheese. 

 If McDonald’s replaces the item with a double hamburger or a double hamburger with cheese, I can live with that. Times are tough, we all have to make due. But if they eliminate the item all together then I’ll be very sad, and hungry.

I think I’ll write a letter.

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  1. How come regular cheeseburgers cost more than the double cheeseburger and the bacon cheeseburger? Try ordering a bacon cheeseburger with no bacon… they get so confused… sigh*

  2. Why would the price of cheese affect mcdonald’s burgers? It’s not cheese. It’s processed cheese food, which I can only assume is what you feed to cheese.

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