Strip child abusing priest from Order of Canada

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Emmanuelle Sajous
Deputy Secretary
Office of the Secretary to the Governor General

Dear Ms. Sajous,

I’d like to recommend that the Chancellery of Honours remove Rev. Lucien Larré from the Order of Canada.

In 1992 Larré was convicted of two counts of abusing children in his care by a Saskatchewan Jury. Although he was later pardoned, I do not believe this alleviates him of guilt or responsibility. He is a convicted child abuser.

I make this recommendation as one of the estimated 1.2 million Canadians who grew up in Canada’s foster care systems. We are placed into the care of the government usually for reasons of abuse, neglect or parental inability or absence. More often than not it’s a scarring, transient experience that shapes us for life.

We see ourselves in the media as victims, statistics, criminals and so forth. There is very little recognition of our accomplishments in or contribution to Canadian society and culture. Yet those who abuse kids in care are honoured.

Are any recipients of the Order of Canada, living or dead, who grew up in one of Canada’s foster care systems? If so, who are they?

In my opinion hurting children is one of the worst crimes a person can commit. Someone convicted of this is not worthy of the Order of Canada or the publicity they receive when they say they want to return it.

Although this is just one example of the Order going to a convicted child abuser, I think it raises grave doubts about who we are honouring.


Nathaniel Christopher

Burnaby, British Columbia

CC: Rev. Lucien Larré
CC: Bill Siksay, MP (Burnaby-Douglas)

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