June is turning out to be a very nice month. More people seem to be visiting me out in Burnaby and getting to know my neck of the woods. It’s a welcome change – I’m sick of always going downtown.

My brother Gino has been here all week and tonight we had a visit from my old friends Sarah and Alina (they’re lesbians). I haven’t seen them in ages, so there was a lot of gossip to get caught up on.

Meowzers. Here are some photos:


Here we are in line-up at Dairy Queen. We ordered four Blizzards but they forgot to make two of them, so Alina and I were nearly finished our Blizzards by the time Gino and Sarah got theirs.


I’m not sure how often I’ll see all these three guys in the same room, so I thought it’d be nice to document the moment.

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