Campbell River

Nathaniel Christopher

My housemate Dave and I are heading up to Campbell River this weekend. I’m looking forward to it. We’re leaving in about half an hour to get on the 8:30 sailing to Nanaimo. From there we’ll be taking the Island Link bus via the Inner Route to Campbell River.

I’m going up to cover the Second Annual Walk Away from Homophobia which is the North Island version of a pride march. A lot more poignant and meaningful than the corporate-whore-fest that is Vancouver Pride.

I haven’t been up to Campbell River since 1993 so I look forward to seeing how much the place has changed. Dave’s mother lives up there, so that’s where I’ll be staying.

Friday afternoon I’ll be taking a bus to Nanaimo. I’ll get in at about 6:30 so I’ll have two and a half hours to spare before the last ferry. Hopefully I’ll get to see my brother and his friends. He gets paid on Friday so I look forward to a free meal.

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