Housemate eats expired food

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Shitty Safeway crackers
Shitty Safeway crackers

I always tease my housemate about his superhuman ability to eat anything. “You’re a human garborator,” I tell him. It can be disgusting, expired, stale, or just down right nasty and he’ll eat it without complaint. He tends to look on the bright side of life.

Well… in all the years I’ve known him I’ve never heard him throw away food in disgust.

Until today.

“Yuck, these crackers are fucking disgusting,” he says as I come in to his room. At his side is an open, uneaten stack of Safeway brand soda crackers. “It’s like they’ve fermented or something.” They are from 2004!!!!!

They don’t smell rotten, they smell like a mixture of plaster and industrial plastic.

Fuckin’ nasty!


My housemate’s response to this fine piece of journalism that I call a blog entry:

“That’s not exactly a fair thing to say about my eating habits.”

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