Is my cat THAT filthy?

Nathaniel Christopher 3 Comments
Khan relaxing on the window sil.

I woke up at about midnight last night to the sound of loud, rushing water from the bathroom.

My housemate is vigorously washing his hands in the sink. A rare sight.

I never, ever see or hear him washing his hands. Now, that’s not to say he’s a filthy guy. In fact, he is probably the most hygienic person I know – he showers twice a day, washes his clothes religiously and insists upon non-empty bottles of shampoo for our shower.

But, he never washes his hands!

I’m worried that something’s wrong – that he’s become all OCD like one of my ex boyfriends (all of whom are very OCD).

“I was just holding Khan,” he tells me, clearly caught off guard by my sudden presence. “I have a cold and I don’t want to pass it on to him and vice versa.”

My cat Khan is a cuddle monster, a purring teddy bear – not a carrier of disease! He’s always cleaning himself. Cats have natural detergent in their saliva that keeps them super clean. When Khan cleans himself he smells like clean laundry – not cat food, fish or anything else.

He’s a laundromat on legs!

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  1. Another thing I would like to mention. Nathaniel wants to spoil his baby boy with a lovely treat. What type of treat you ask? No word of a lie he wants to give his baby boy a live mouse. Let me repeat that A living mouse that Khan can hunt in the apartment. Well its only natural. But let me remind you of This Nathaniel. Khan is a cat not a snake. Shame on you.

  2. Khan is such a nice Kitty. I think your room mate should cut out the middle man and wash Khan in the sink. Cats love that. I also caught wind of the fact Khan walked in the shower when it was running. Can this be true?

  3. Awww! He just didn’t want to get Khan ill. I did the same with Cherri. I would wash up lots if I was sick because I was scared there was a small chance of her contracting my illness. 🙂

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