My housemate likes Khan

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My blog page is coming along… I spent the night fiddling around with CSS and managed to make the blog match the rest of a new and improved

Although I’m the guy who builds and updates the site, it is in fact my old friend and housemate who really controls things. For the last decade he’s hosted and it is he who technically owns the site. If it wasn’t for him I’m sure I’d still be mucking about with Geocities pagebuilder.

Anywhoo… my brother Gino keeps on asking how Housemate and Khan interact. Well, Khan definitely likes Housemate and I think the feeling is mutual. Once or twice a day I make sure to thrust Khan into his lap with the hope that he’ll learn to do it on his own accord, but for now it’s something I have to encourage.

Here’s a photo of the pair. Housemate is an intensely private individual so I’ve pixelated his face. It’s not that he’s ugly it’s just that he’d kill me if I posted an unredacted photo. Also, it’s not good to fuck with the person who has the switch to your computer, internet and website! Yowzers!

It’s 6:14 a.m., I should probably think about bed as I have to cover a story this afternoon at 3.

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  1. Hello its me Khan. I love it when other daddy picks me up. Other daddy is always hidding. I wonder what he is doing all day. Oh well I am going to eat a jelly bean.

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