Massaging the gateway to the soul

How one man's passion could change the way we see fisting

Nathaniel Christopher Xtra [Vancouver] Volume Issue 353
INTO THE HEART OF DARKNESS: Bradley D’s amateur fisting video goes beyond leather and slings. ‘I’m heavily obsessed with dudes’ asses. I believe the hole is the most sacred and sexual part.’

I consider myself to be a more-or-less liberated person. Within my circle of friends discussion of labiaplasty, digital-rectal stimulation and public cunnilingus is lively, thoughtful and rigorous. But any talk of fisting kills the conversation like a telephone call from a whore’s mother.

It’s possibly one of the last taboos of gay sex. When I try to envision myself getting fisted I just can’t help but picture a kinky, leather-clad Shari Lewis with Lamb Chop on one hand and me on the other.

Suffice it to say, I’ve kept a closed mind about fisting. It’s this kind of attitude that Bradley D hopes to challenge.

Bradley is a typical third-year university student in Washington. Course outlines, journal articles and a dog-eared textbook lie scattered across the couch in his office.

He has a massive library of art and history books, neatly arranged in white bookshelves, lining three sides of the room from floor to ceiling. The remaining bits of wall are plastered with graceful medieval prints, and photographs of hot guys.

He is also an artist, actor and filmmaker. His artwork, which is mostly homoerotic, covers every corner of his house.

His first video offering is a DVD entitled Frat-Jock-Fist. As the apt title suggests, it’s a fisting video starring himself as the fistee and his buddy Todd as the fister. The fashion is football jerseys, jockstraps and ball caps and Bradley pulls off the college jock look well.

“I’m a total ass man,” he says. “I’m heavily obsessed with dudes’ asses. I believe the hole is the most sacred and sexual part. In the locker rooms, everyone walks around naked and everyone can see the dick, but you’d never ever see anyone’s hole. Guys would be far too shy about this. That makes for a powerful sexual, extremely esoteric, part of the body for a male.”

Bradley views fisting as a natural progression from anal sex.

“For me, I started experimenting with anal hygiene back in my teens, years before I even had my first sexual experience with another dude,” he says. “It just seemed the obvious thing to me. I wanted to experiment with it and be ready, basically.”

He calls anal hygiene a critical first step on the path to fisting.

“You have to know how to perfect your anal hygiene,” he advises. “Clean yourself out.

“When you penetrate another dude, you’re entering the most private and sexual part of his being,” he continues. “It is like the gateway to the soul. Putting one’s hand inside, actually venturing inside the ass, is a connection almost beyond belief.”

Bradley describes getting fisted as “incredibly psychological.”

“You have to totally get over your fear of allowing it to happen, that it’s going to hurt too much,” he says. “It’s like 60 percent psychological.”

Dissatisfied with conventional Crisco-and-veterinary-glove fisting videos, Bradley set out to create something that reflected his own vision and experience.

“I wanted to correct things that annoyed me in the typical commercial videos,” he says. “I wanted to do my own things. I came up with different fisting positions whereas other videos use the same old positions from behind a sling. There’s no creativity there, so I came up with something different.”

Although it’s clearly a fetish film, Frat-Jock-Fist is the ideal fisting for dummies video, exhibiting not only the act of fisting but the process that makes it possible.

The DVD opens with more-or-less vanilla sex including blowjobs, handjobs and fucking. Todd rims and gently massages Bradley’s hole. Massaging turns into fingering. One finger slowly in the ass leads to two, three and then four. Finally, Todd cups his hand √† la queen wave and gently pushes the whole thing inside. Bradley’s face flushes red with pleasure. His eyes roll back into his head. Todd fists him from above, below, crouched down and on his side.

“People love the video because it’s perfect for them to fist by,” says Bradley. “It shows the work-up process. I know it’s being shown in some sex clubs and bathhouses.”

Before Frat-Jock-Fist, Bradley had little experience with video.

“I’d played around a little bit with the camera, but that’s the first time I’d gone out to make an actual porn film,” he says.

“The only criticism I get is that the main feature is just music and it’s not the real sound,” he continues. “When I did the editing it was impossible to use the sound.”

But the last chapter on the DVD is of outtakes that include cute chatter between Bradley and Todd.

Is there a second volume in the works?

“If I do another film it’s going to be a mutual film,” says Bradley. “I’m not going to purely bottom again, it has to be both. I just have to find the right guy and that won’t be easy.

“They must be young enough to be able to pull off a collegiate frat boy look and they have to be experienced enough to do the actual fisting, or at least be willing to get into it so I can get them to that point,” he continues. “But then on top of that they have to be willing to be seen by the world. It’s not easy to come up with that combination.”

Does having something as big a fist and forearm jammed up your back passage again and again have some long-term side effects? Does it make your ass really loose?

“If I were to get fucked today I’d have to go slow like anyone else,” says Bradley patiently. “My ass hasn’t been permanently altered at all. In the end when it comes out it just goes back to normal.”

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