Update from Nanaimo

Nathaniel Christopher

Second update in two days… my daily blog is really starting to live up to its name! This update, however, is very special as represents my first web update from my hometown, Nanaimo. I brought my laptop to the downtown library to take advantage of their free wireless service. I remember coming here in the earliest days of internet to chat with other gay guys, work on my Geocities site and write ridiculously long emails. It was in this very room that I really saw the rest of the world and finally came of age. The internet opened my eyes to the wonderful possibilities available to gay people, I wasn’t alone or isolated in my sexuality. I also used to look up gay porn… this was long before streaming video and spammy pay sites. Back then it was not so hard to find galleries of naked men, which I could print off for but a quarter. However, it was a little bit embarrassing when the picture came up and someone (usually a matronly librarian) walked behind me.

I spent this weekend in Nanaimo to do some conceptual shots for my upcoming film about my history herebut like most excursions out of Vancouver I spent the bulk of my time relaxing with my friends.

Nanaimo’s always growing and changing, Every time I come back the town is just a bit different in some way or another. I too seem to be changing, at least that’s what all my old friends and family say. I ran into all sorts of people I haven’t seen in many years and they always remark at how much I’ve grown!

I’m so happy to be home and I hope to return more frequently in the future.

That tree in the woods actually doubles as a bus stop!

A notice on the door of a Nanaimo pub.

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