Tampon Shopping

Nathaniel Christopher
Shantel goes shopping.

“That’s not the best place to take someone’s picture” quipped the nice Shoppers Drug Mart lady in a suburban accent. Yup, as butchy as she is Shantel still bleeds! She needed to get pads and we were right by the drug store – it was a match made in heaven! She only needed one so she left me with the rest of the pack. “This isn’t my usual brand. I just need one for now.” Of course they didn’t sell pads in individual packages and Shantel already had a whole bunch of her usual brand at home so she left the rest of the (unused) pads with me. “What the hell am I going to do with these?” As femme as I am I don’t bleed so my buddy and I got a bit stoned and covered his two dogs with the remaining pads. It was so cute!

“If you were a woman what kind of pads or tampons would you buy?” queries Shantel. After carefully scrutinizing the myriad of feminine options I decided on the Life Brand “Fem” sanitary napkins. Firstly, they were on sale, secondly I like generic brands and thirdly I like that they say “Fem”, as I always aspire to be the better, feminine version of myself. “I’ll tell you why that’s a bad choice,” retorts the very un-feminine Shantel, “That pad has no absorbency whatsoever, it’s usually used as a panty liner for when you are already wearing a tampon. These pads just pick up the extra blood. If you were to wear these and nothing else they’d fill up with blood and you’d have to change it five minutes.”

Nathaniel goes for the no-name brand.

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