Daniel Igali needs a lesson in British Columbian history!

Nathaniel Christopher

Olympic wrestler turned political candidate Daniel Igali, became an inspirational figure to many Canadians after he took home the gold medal in the 2000 Olympics. His formidable stature in the world of athletics is diminished only be his staggering ignorance of the province that he hopes to govern. On February 10, 2005 Igali announced he would be running as a Liberal candidate for Surrey-Newton in the May 17 provincial election. In true Liberal style he wasted no time in making idiotic comments that would make Steven Harper turn a shade of green with envy.

Daniel Igali

In a recent interview by the Ottawa Sun, Igali is quoted as saying “People have told me I could be the first person of African descent to be in the B.C. legislature.” It seems that the Liberal candidate ought to read a bit about British Columbian history for there have been at least two people of African descent elected to the British Columbian Legislature. They were: Rosemary Brown (the first black woman elected to a provincial legislature in Canada), and Emery Barnes. The two NDP members were first elected in 1972 and served until 1986 and 1996 respectively.

Emery Barnes
Rosemary Brown

Igali’s comments speak volumes about the Liberals’ persistent denial and erasure of British Columbia’s illustrious social history. Their blatant ignorance and disregard are a slight to the memory of at least two extraordinary British Columbian parliamentarians.

Response from Daniel Igali’s NDP opponent Harry Bains

Hello Mr Christopher,

Thank you for the email. You are right, who in BC or for that matter in Canada can forget those two giant individuals who spent their entire lives helping the poor and ordinary families. And further, it shows that the Liberals are desperate and they think that by appointing Igali, people will forget four years of pain and suffering caused by their mean spirited and one sided policies. Gordon Campbell thinks that he will be able to hide behind Igali’s popularity and dazzle and would not be held accountable for his record of broken promises. Voters tell me when I am at their door steps that the Liberal’s strategy will not work.

Thank you and keep in touch.

Harry Bains
NDP candidate

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