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Nathaniel Christopher


PETERBOROUGH – “I only read it for the articles!” It’s a slightly dishonest refrain often utttered by bashful connoisseurs of adult entertainment. Nathaniel Christopher, however, can quite honestly claim that he purchased the October edition of Playboy for at least one article. Nathaniel’s friend and fellow Trent student, Sara Joan Berniker took home the first prize for her story Aqua Velva Smitty in the recent Playboy College Fiction Contest. Nathaniel took home the credit for Sara’s author photograph which appeared on page 3 of the October edition of Playboy.

News of Sara’s stunning victory was received in Peterborough with much acclaim: she was subject of a feature story in Toast, Trent University’s summer newspaper. Nathaniel, who was editor-in-chief of the seasonal publication, did photo sessions with the budding author which were used in the first edition of Toast for both the story and the cover.

Sara, who was rather pleased with the photographs, submitted it to Playboy as her author photograph.


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