Boys gone mad

Nathaniel Christopher Arthur [Peterborough, Ont.] Volume 38 Issue 18

Boy Gone Mad is Peterborough’s homegrown hard rock band with a sound that stretches well past the Kawarthas. Playing together for three years now, Boy Gone Mad has made its mark in Peterborough, where it plays regular shows at the Blue Room, and has also performed in Toronto, Ajax, Guelph, and Hamilton.

Describing his band’s music as “rock in general,” lead singer Adam Haggarty says that Boy Gone Mad is often compared to Silverchair. Haggarty’s “gritty” masculine voice is clearly reminiscent of this band. “I always watch Silverchair before I do every show,” he says. “I love that band! I also like Led Zeppelin and the Beatles.”

Boy Gone Mad aptly describes the Blue Room as their second home. What a crowded home it is! It was difficult to find a seat at their Saturday night show; the lineup outside of the Trasheteria was almost a block long. Throngs of young people were eager to witness a performance by a band that is quickly becoming a mainstay of Peterborough’s hard-core scene.

The venue felt informal, somewhat familiar, and very much like a large living room packed with old friends. The strong connection between the audience and the performers enhanced the evening and gave it the atmosphere of a house party rather than a concert. The band members were devoid of pretension and indistinguishable from the audience in both age and apparel. Many of the audience members knew them personally, and engaged them in dialogue throughout the show.

This warm, friendly atmosphere was shattered for me when the band and audience casually exchanged loud, homophobic jokes. This made me feel small and uncomfortable. The rest of the evening was exclusive and unfriendly; I found it difficult to watch the show with an objective mind.

Homophobic slights aside, the music was good. Boy Gone Mad produced a sound that was almost too big for the room. Vocal, guitar, and drum blended well to produce a tight, crisp, strong sound that had a powerful effect on all.

The song “Go Away” had a thunderous tempo and had a hint of tension which sounded like a combination of Metallica and Nirvana. The drumming was methodical and consistent with a somewhat hypnotic effect.

This performance was not a queer-friendly event and I would not recommend this band to anyone who is queer or queer-friendly.

Boy Gone Mad is at the Trasheteria on February 20 at 9pm.

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