Nathaniel’s Website Reviews!

Nathaniel Christopher The Mind's Eye [Nanaimo, B.C.] Volume Issue 20

‘Dr. Laura ate my balls’


The Dr. Laura “ate my balls” website is an informative guide to the testicle eating habits of radio personality Dr. Laura. This website has minimal graphics and font faces. The featured pictures on [the website] are simply various pictures of Dr. Laura with crudely inserted captions, such as “Eating balls is a sin.” There is very little substance to this website unless you are Beavis or Butthead, then you might enjoy it! It really eats… um well you know what!

The Communist Party of Canada


Let’s overthrow the government and kill all of the rich people! But seriously, isn’t communism dead?? Just spending seconds at the Communist Party of Canada’s website will answer your question. It is no wonder to me that over 20,000 people have paid a visit to this very user friendly homepage. There is an abundance of information. This site is very easy to navigate, finding what you want in seconds, whether it be the party’s history of philosophy. You can even join the party via the internet! I’m sure the masses would approve!

The Official Cow Tipping Homepage


If you are into cow tipping (pushing cows over) this site is a humane alternative to the real McCoy. You can choose to tip six different cows (including a processed one). Just click on the cow for a larger image and it’s tippin’ time! This site has a very professional look to it. Really cool layout and pictures of cows. However, aside from the cow tipping, this site has no real substance. Mooooooooo!

Jan Rivers’ Home Page


Who is Jan Rivers and why does she have a website? From the links that she provided I found very little. I think that her husband Fed is a real estate agent in Southern California. Her site is real bare bones and if it wasn’t for Jan Rivers’ smile this page wouldn’t be worth looking at. Jan Rivers can be contacted at: Blah!

FACT (Friends against Cow Tipping)


Nude pictures of Roseanne Barr! Now wouldn’t you love to see those? This is an ANTI cow tipping homepage! These people believe that cows should only be killed for beef and not by some “obnoxious teenager” out looking for a cheap thrill. The visuals on this site are cute and simple. The message (Cow tipping is bad) is very clear and you get to hear a cow moo! Keep the cows in the grinder but on their feet!

Flat Earth Society


According to the Flat Earth Society the world is flat and has five corners. Platygaeanism is the scientific Hypothesis which holds that the world is flat. Also included on the site is the theory that the American state of Idaho simply does not exist, and that if you sailed to the edge of the earth you would fall off. This site is great for navigating. Everything is neatly placed and clear. It’s out there!
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