Ice cream tub art!

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Usually the companies who produce four litre tubs of ice cream don’t put a lot of thought into the design of the lids so I was pleasantly surprised to see the incredibly cute and whimsical “lid art” on the four litre tubs of Western Family brand ice cream when I was shopping at Save-On-Foods last week.

The good people at Overwaitea Food Group, which owns Save-On-Foods, have gone above and beyond the competition in awesome ice cream tub art and I feel they deserve recognition with their vanilla, chocolate, Neapolitan, tiger tail and chocolate tubs.

Western Family Chocolate Ice Cream
Apparently cute robots need Western Family Chocolate Ice Cream in order to function!

“The characters make it more fun and attractive and we certainly like to have fun in our department and had a lot of fun picking the characters out for the tubs,” says Brian Heppell, general manager of corporate brands at Overwaitea Food Group.

Heppell notes that the lids were designed to appeal to both adults and children – especially mothers who have children aged one through 12.

Western Family Vanilla Ice Cream
The Abominable Snowman deals with his depression by gorging on vanilla ice cream.

“A majority of our shoppers, about 80 per cent, are female and we think of someone who is buying a four litre tub as a ‘heavy user,’” he says. “They are mostly female, many possibly have kids and they might be getting ice cream for a birthday party”

Western Family Tiger Tail Ice Cream
That cat\’s gonna get fat… and diabetic! Just like Khan!

Heppell, who has been with the company for nearly 40 years, says they designed images that are identifiable by children and parents but not trademarked.

He says that the lids were designed by a Richmond graphic design company which has worked with Overwaitea for nine years.

Western Family Neapolitan Ice Cream
The ice cream matches the clown\’s hair! Hah! He kinda looks like my brother Gino…

“We pride ourselves on the local aspect,” says Heppell who points out that the product beneath the lid is produced in Chilliwack from Canadian ingredients . “We have been around for nearly 100 years and we like to engage with local suppliers and services and so we work with a local design company. We live and work here too.”

I love Overwaitea!

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