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Christmas is a challenging time of year for me. But instead of wallowing in something negative I thought it would be fun to create something new and positive this year. I really wanted to “jet away” somewhere warm or far but flights to places like California or Ontario (where I have many friends) are very high.

When I was younger I used to travel a lot on a whim. I haven’t done that in years, but it was something that brought me so much joy and tranquility. I’ve never felt more at peace and in love with life than when I’m on the road somewhere.

But it didn’t look like it was going happen this year.

But yesterday A friend of mine extended an invite to spend Christmas down in Portland, Oregon with him. I thought maybe he was half-joking so I half-heartedly exclaimed “Yes! I’ll be there!” But then, I actually looked up the train fares and discovered a trip down there would fit into my Christmas budget.

So… it looks like a fun little idea may be a reality.

I’m looking at going down on the 24th and returning on the 27th or 28th. I’ll need someone to check in on my cat while I’m gone.

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