IHOP Drama!!


Okay… So I go into IHOP today to pick up my cheque. In British Columbia an employer must issue an employee their last pay cheque within 48 hours after they are terminated. I was fired this Saturday because they don’t have enough hours to keep me on.

I went in to collect my cheque today and the manager said “I’ll give you your cheque as soon as you give me your dishwashing shirt.” I felt like he was playing games with me and in my best man voice bellowed

“In BC you must pay me my last cheque within 48 hours of termination. YOU ARE BREAKING THE LAW! Shall I go to the Labour board right now and let them know or are you going to comply with the law?”

He kept on interjecting with weasley little comments and each time I loudly reminded him that he was breaking labour law.

Finally, he waddled out of the office and said, “you are starting to piss me off, so take your money and leave.”

So, I took my money and spent about $5 of it at the Radio Shack. I went in to buy a cord but instead saw this cute little USB snowman that lights up when you plug him and play Mp3s. Here’s the video:

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