Got a day job!


Well, it’s not glamorous but it’s close to home and it pays the bills.

I got a job doing dishes at my local International House of Pancakes or IHOP.

I dropped off a resume on Thursday, began Friday and have worked every day since. My next shift is on Tuesday and I have pretty good hours all week.


Some might say I’m too “overqualified” to be sloshing dishes, but hunger and homelessness don’t care how many degrees I have. I have to eat. I have to pay my rent. It’s not a career, but it’s close to my house (no busses), good working environment and the people are very nice.

It’s not my life goal, but it’s definitely a stepping stone towards them. I’m so grateful for this job. It couldn’t have come at a better time.

Here’s a tripped out IHOP commercial from 1969:

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  1. liked the commercial… oh, the good ‘ol days!

    i’m glad the j.o.b. is to your liking. I think a good job should pay well and not stress you out too much. My job pays a bit more but i have to work less hours not to be overwhelmed by it…


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