I see Queens…

Nathaniel Christopher

Last night I saw The Queen! No, not the actual Queen but the movie loosely based on real events surrounding the death of Diana.

It was good, not great. Perhaps it’s a little too soon to make such a movie, 1997 is relatively recent. It takes a very in-depth, almost voyeuristic peek inside The Queen’s personal life. We get to observe how she wakes up (some woman parades into her room at sunrise with a newspaper and tea), her familial relationships (she calls her mother “mummy” but refers to her as “Queen Elizabeth”) and the many ways she can be interrupted during tea (usually it’s a call from her Prime Minister).

Anyone who loves The Queen, England, tea etiquette, Scottish scenery or Tony Blair will absolutely love this film. I enjoyed it.

On another note I had a rather disagreeable experience at the Burnaby Dairy Queen tonight. I was in line up for a blizzard with my friend Rustin when a few girls in front of me invited their friends to budge up in line to be with them. All of the girls were wearing “Cliff Avenue Soccer” jerseys. Rustin quietly mentioned that budging in line up was very rude and that was all I needed to give them a piece of my mind. “You totally budged in line-up!” I said, “Well, we’re totally a team!” she replied.


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