If you could be one Spice Girl which one would it be, and why?

Photo Survey

Nathaniel Christopher Arthur [Peterborough, Ont.] Volume 38 Issue 7

Cheryl Harrison

I would be Scary Spice because it’s like Halloween every day!

Cathy Probert

I would be Baby Spice because she can get away with everything. She appears to be so sweet and innocent but underneath it is probably a different story. Also, she’s disappeared off the map and is probably enjoying her private life.

Summer Steele

I would be the “Anti-Spice” Spice because I think their “girl power” is hypocritical and bland – not spicy at all.

Caitlin O’Sullivan

I would be Ginger Spice because the redder the head – the better in bed! She doesn’t care about the Spice Girls and neither do I!

Fraser Smith

I would be Posh Spice, I feel that her specific characteristics are the most mutually compatible with my own.

Tina Katsoras

I would be Sporty Spice because she is the one with the great voice, it was her strong voice that really held the band together. She is not the sexiest one but that’s okay – she can sing!

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