Day one of braces!

I finally got braces!

I got braces today. I’ve wanted and needed them for as long as I can remember and now that I have them it’s a bit surreal. It’s a dream come true. One of the first things people notice about me is the...
My six-layer birthday cake!

The summer of cake

“Happy birthday Doris!” This summer I took a creative non-fiction continuing education course at Langara College. For the last class the instructor thought it would be a nice idea if everyone brought ...

Licorice ice cream

Have you ever had licorice ice cream? It’s my favourite flavour but it’s so darn hard to find so I was absolutely thrilled to learn that my neighbourhood ice cream place, Gleburn Soda Foun...

Canada Post Kiosks!

I still communicate with some people and organizations by mail which means I am frequent visitor to the post office. Unfortunately it’s usually an unpleasant experience on account of the lines and inc...
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I got a free office chair!

I recently got a free office chair from Craigslist. Merry Christmas, Nathaniel! “Free office chair,” read the advert. “Comfortable, but has hole in cushion as you can see in the photo. Need to free up...