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Vancouver Island University launches first-of-its-kind tuition waiver for former youth in care

Youth who grew up in foster care are welcome and wanted at university.

So says Vancouver Island University (VIU) in Nanaimo which recently announced that they would waive tuition fees for former youth who grew up in foster care.

Partners in VIU’s Tuition Waiver Program include (left to right) MLA Parksville-Qualicum Michelle Stilwell; […]

Homophobic grafitti in Vancouver on 4/20

On April 20 Vancouver celebrated its 18th annual 4/20 celebration. That’s basically the day when thousands of people converge downtown to buy, smoke, see, or smell marijuana. Some go down there.

The celebration was founded by employees of Canadian cannabis activist Marc Emery who wanted to host a day-long rally to celebrate cannabis and call […]

The Charter at 30

Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Today marks the 30th anniversary of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. w00t!

As a gay man I credit the Charter for the advancement of a culture and society that protects and includes gay and lesbian people.

While sexual orientation is not specifically mentioned in the Charter […]

Falun Gong is homophobic

Earlier this week I went out for fish and chips with my friend Andrew, his husband Alex, and our buddy Margaret. We’d heard good things about Dundas Fish & Chips located at 2077 Dundas St. in East Vancouver and decided to try it out.

“I just gotta warn you that the owners are Falun Gong […]

Dispatch from Occupy Kelowna

Today I was checking out the sites in Downtown Kelowna when I happened up on the Occupy Kelowna demonstration.

“It’s about giving 99 per cent of the people a voice,” said Brandy McNeill who is one of two 24 hour demonstrators. “We all have issues to bring to the table so let’s discuss them.”

She […]

Huge police presence at BART protest in San Francisco, CA

I’m currently visiting some friends in lovely San Francisco, California. Today I did some freestyle wanderin’ which led me to the lovely City Hall. As I walked out of City Hall I noticed a huge police presence assembled down the street. I thought, perhaps, that it was the police headquarters or something, but someone told […]

Canadian Blood Services is kinda gay

In Canada gay men can’t donate blood. Actually, the life ban applies to any man who’s had sex with another man since 1977 whether he identifies as gay, bi, straight or whatever.

I believe this is a homophobic policy and was amused to see the rather gay Facebook profile picture for Ron Vezina, the Director […]

Food Stamps in Canada

I always thought it was an American thing, but apparently the provincial government issues food vouchers to assist people in dire need. They are government issued vouchers which can be exchanged for any item of food at any retailer in the province.

BC Food Voucher

A friend of mine, who wishes to remain anonymous, […]

BC’s last execution

April 28, 2009 marked the 50th anniversary of British Columbia’s last execution.

Death certificate for last man executed in BC (click for high-res PDF)

Leo Anthony Mantha was a tugboat operator and former sailor. He was gay and wanted to have a long-term relationship with his boyfriend Aaron “Bud” Jenkins. Jenkins tried to break […]

Minimum wage laws = theft

As of April 15, 2009 British Columbia will have the lowest minimum wage in Canada and BC premier, Gordon Campbell, has no plans to increase it from the current rate of $8 per hour.

Over the past year governments across Canada have been adjusting the minimum wage to more humane levels. Yesterday […]