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Elizabeth May mailed me a photo of her cats!

I just received a big letter from Green Party leader and Saanich – Gulf Islands MP Elizbaeth May! Here’s the photo she sent me of her cats when they were kittens:

Elizabeth May’s cats when they were kittens.

Last month my friend Janean sent me a link to a story about a guy who […]

Homophobic grafitti in Vancouver on 4/20

On April 20 Vancouver celebrated its 18th annual 4/20 celebration. That’s basically the day when thousands of people converge downtown to buy, smoke, see, or smell marijuana. Some go down there.

The celebration was founded by employees of Canadian cannabis activist Marc Emery who wanted to host a day-long rally to celebrate cannabis and call […]

The Charter at 30

Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Today marks the 30th anniversary of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. w00t!

As a gay man I credit the Charter for the advancement of a culture and society that protects and includes gay and lesbian people.

While sexual orientation is not specifically mentioned in the Charter […]

Taking the city bus from Vancouver to Seattle

Vancouver to Seattle

Have you ever considered taking the city bus from Vancouver to Seattle? Not the Greyhound, car, or Amtrak but public transit. I considered it, found out it was possible.

I was curious to see how far south I could go on public transit. I was hoping there’d be a way to […]

It’s time to eliminate first ladies

Last week the leaders of the world’s biggest economies met in London for the G-20 Leaders’ Summit on Financial Markets and the World Economy. While the men were talking about facts, figures and policy their wives were off doing their own thing.

Stories about global recession ran alongside vignettes about what the ladies were […]

I want to hug Michelle Obama!

Everyone who’s handled Canadian coinage has rubbed their palm against the Queen’s unfaltering visage. But few of us will ever have the opportunity to make physical contact with the woman behind their pocket change.

Michelle Obama, it seems, has taken that opportunity to a new level when she engaged The Queen in a brief, […]

Gary Korpan

When I was 12 years old Nanaimo voters elected Gary Richard Korpan as their mayor. They repeated this again in 1996, 1999, 2002 and 2005. Tonight, however, it appears the voters have chosen a new mayor in businessman John Ruttan.

Although I’m not a big of Korpan, I think he deserves credit for braving the […]

Why I won’t vote for Obama

Well, I’m an American citizen. I have my passport and everything. But I won’t be voting for Obama… or anybody today. In addition to being a citizen of the States I’m also considered a resident of the State of Indiana for voting purposes. However, I’ve never lived there. It was the last place my father […]

Canada Post vs. Nathaniel

So, when I opened the mail today I received a letter in the strangest envelope.

It was a cheque I was expecting, but there was no return address and the postal marks were very strange. It was stamped as “Short Paid Unit” and something about 104 cents:

There was a little card […]

Conservative Party typo on campaign signs!

I can’t be too harsh with them, as I’ve written and published many things with glarings typos.

But this one is too good to resist!

The Conservative Party candidate for Burnaby-Douglas is Ronald Leung. There are two very prominent signs for him on an empty lot at the northwest corner of Hastings and Willingdon. The […]