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Canada Post Kiosks!

I still communicate with some people and organizations by mail which means I am frequent visitor to the post office. Unfortunately it’s usually an unpleasant experience on account of the lines and incredibly slow wait times for even the most simple services.

Today, however, I was intrigued to see a pair of self-serve kiosks […]

Taking the city bus from Vancouver to Seattle

Vancouver to Seattle

Have you ever considered taking the city bus from Vancouver to Seattle? Not the Greyhound, car, or Amtrak but public transit. I considered it, found out it was possible.

I was curious to see how far south I could go on public transit. I was hoping there’d be a way to […]

Nathaniel.ca reader responds!!

I got this email last night in response to an article I wrote in 2006. I don’t know this person, and am not sure how or why they stumbled on my site but it’s cool to get feedback…

I just finished reading – Building a stronger two-spirited community by Nathaniel Christopher.

First, Sporting spiky […]

Easy money

So, I don’t get paid until Friday. I’m kind of totally broke right now so I thought I’d hit up my housemate for money. The standard “can I borrow some money until Friday” spiel probably wouldn’t work, so I thought I’d do something a little creative. It worked.


Singing the praises of Dolly Iris

When I shop at Safeway I notice the only dessert they have at the deli is this stuff called ambrosia salad. It’s so good but it’s kind of expensive at $1.19 for every 100 grams. I really enjoy eating it but I spend too much on it. I’ve been spending some quality time both in […]

Canada Post vs. Nathaniel

So, when I opened the mail today I received a letter in the strangest envelope.

It was a cheque I was expecting, but there was no return address and the postal marks were very strange. It was stamped as “Short Paid Unit” and something about 104 cents:

There was a little card […]


My friend Dolly posted an inspirational email on her blog the other day. It struck a deep chord with me and where I’m at in my life these days. So, here it is:

They call it the “Quarter-life Crisis.” It is when you stop going along with the crowd and start realizing that there are […]

How to get free Coke

I drink a lot of Coke and so when I run out I get a bit crazy. I usually keep an emergency stash of Coke for times like this, or failing that I always have lot of cans and bottles that I can cash in to buy some more.

Today I had none of that. […]

How to get good food for free

Okay, so I went to the food bank today. I went there a few weeks ago and they were out of food. So I came back earlier today, at about 8:45 and waited an hour until they opened up. By that time the lineup behind me had grown considerably.

Many of the volunteers are from […]

McDonald’s double cheesburger shortage


I love McDonald’s. In fact, I live off of their Value Menu. It’s where I seem to get most of my food these days.

I have some friends here in Vancouver who have expressed their reservations about my tendency to eat at McDonald’s. “Eew,” they moan. “How […]