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That new bus seat smell!

There’s nothing quite like that new furniture smell – especially on your bus!

I recently boarded a 135 Burrard Station bus outside my home in North Burnaby and noticed the bus smelled like new vinyl. Upon closer investigation I discovered the seats appeared to be brand new. This was nice!

From New bus seats!

Coast […]

Fine bone china, cats and a flying teapot!

I absolutely love bone china.

The Canadian Oxford Dictionary defines it as “fine china made of clay mixed with the ash from bones.” In other words, the really expensive dishes that your grandmother kept behind glass.

Bone china tends to be delicate yet very strong with a high level of chip resistance that […]

New White Spot at Kensington Square in North Burnaby!

A new White Spot just opened for business in my neighbourhood and I thought it’d be a perfect excuse to write an impromptu restaurant review.

For those of you who don’t know White Spot is a chain of restaurants in British Columbia and Alberta and today I enjoyed an appetizing and delicious lunch at their […]

President’s Choice brand Nanaimo bars!

I made some Nanaimo bars today!

Nanaimo bar

The other day Housemate came home and happily exclaimed that he had purchased some Nanaimo bars and triumphantly plopped this box down on the counter:

President's Choice brand Nanaimo bar baking mix

“Uhm… those aren’t Nanaimo bars,” I tell him. “It’s just the mix to […]

A history of British Columbia Day

“Wheras, divers of Her Majesty’s Subjects and others have, by the Licence and Consent of Her Majesty, resorted to and settled on certain wild and unoccupied Territories on the North-West Coast of North America, commonly known by the Designation of New Caledonia, and from and after the passing of this act to be named British […]

Licorice ice cream

Have you ever had licorice ice cream? It’s my favourite flavour but it’s so darn hard to find so I was absolutely thrilled to learn that my neighbourhood ice cream place, Gleburn Soda Fountain and Confectionary, had just added Licorice Marble ice cream to their menu. I’ve gone there twice this week for a scoop… […]

Climbing Burnaby Mountain!

In the Sound of Music Mother Abbess tells us through song to climb every mountain. She probably wasn’t referring to actual mountains but I think it’s a powerful message of hope. So, with that song in mind I climbed a mountain today.

Mount Burnaby to be exact. I was feeling a little sluggish this weekend […]

The Woodward Mausoleum – Until the daybreak and the shadows flee away

I would like to be a more proactive individual.

Over the course of my life there have been many instances when I have decided to do something but never got around to it. I would make a plan in my mind and I had the will to do it but would often get sidetracked […]

A brief history of North Burnaby

I’ve lived on Capitol Hill in North Burnaby for over seven years now and have always been curious about the history of this neighbourhood. So, last night I attended a wonderful presentation about the history of Burnaby Heights and Capitol Hill at the McGill branch of the Burnaby Public Library.

The one hour presentation, organised […]

Homophobic grafitti in Vancouver on 4/20

On April 20 Vancouver celebrated its 18th annual 4/20 celebration. That’s basically the day when thousands of people converge downtown to buy, smoke, see, or smell marijuana. Some go down there.

The celebration was founded by employees of Canadian cannabis activist Marc Emery who wanted to host a day-long rally to celebrate cannabis and call […]