Canada Post Kiosks!

I still communicate with some people and organizations by mail which means I am frequent visitor to the post office. Unfortunately it’s usually an unpleasant experience on account of the lines and incredibly slow wait times for even the most simple services. Today, however, I was intrigued to see a pair of self-serve kiosks at […]

Taking the city bus from Vancouver to Seattle

Have you ever considered taking the city bus from Vancouver to Seattle? Not the Greyhound, car, or Amtrak but public transit. I considered it, found out it was possible. I was curious to see how far south I could go on public transit. I was hoping there’d be a way to go all the way […] reader responds!!

I got this email last night in response to an article I wrote in 2006. I don’t know this person, and am not sure how or why they stumbled on my site but it’s cool to get feedback… I just finished reading – Building a stronger two-spirited community by Nathaniel Christopher. First, Sporting spiky blonde […]

Easy money

So, I don’t get paid until Friday. I’m kind of totally broke right now so I thought I’d hit up my housemate for money. The standard “can I borrow some money until Friday” spiel probably wouldn’t work, so I thought I’d do something a little creative. It worked.

Singing the praises of Dolly Iris

When I shop at Safeway I notice the only dessert they have at the deli is this stuff called ambrosia salad. It’s so good but it’s kind of expensive at $1.19 for every 100 grams.  I really enjoy eating it but I spend too much on it. I’ve been spending some quality time both in […]

Canada Post vs. Nathaniel

So, when I opened the mail today I received a letter in the strangest envelope. It was a cheque I was expecting, but there was no return address and the postal marks were very strange. It was stamped as “Short Paid Unit” and something about 104 cents: There was a little card stapled to the […]


My friend Dolly posted an inspirational email on her blog the other day. It struck a deep chord with me and where I’m at in my life these days.  So, here it is: They call it the “Quarter-life Crisis.” It is when you stop going along with the crowd and start realizing that there are […]

How to get free Coke

I drink a lot of Coke and so when I run out I get a bit crazy. I usually keep an emergency stash of Coke for times like this, or failing that I always have lot of cans and bottles that I can cash in to buy some more. Today I had none of that.  […]

How to get good food for free

Okay, so I went to the food bank today. I went there a few weeks ago and they were out of food. So I came back earlier today, at about 8:45 and waited an hour until they opened up. By that time the lineup behind me had grown considerably. Many of the volunteers are from […]

McDonald’s double cheesburger shortage

  I love McDonald’s. In fact, I live off of their Value Menu. It’s where I seem to get most of my food these days.  I have some friends here in Vancouver who have expressed their reservations about my tendency to eat at McDonald’s.  “Eew,” they moan. “How can you eat that crap?” or “Do […]