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Bicycle blender (dumpster smoothies?)

The lovely people from Food Not Bombs showed up at the Trans and Genderqueer Celebration and Liberation march to provide nutritious food for the masses… with a bike powered blender!

My friend Andrew, however, advised me not to drink the smoothies. He claims they found the food in a dumpster!

Dumpster or no dumpster I really enjoyed the Food Not Bombs smoothie and look forward to seeing their friendly faces at future events!

2 comments to Bicycle blender (dumpster smoothies?)

  • Your Housemate

    I’m sure the food was perfectly safe.

  • Dolly

    I LOVE this video. I once stayed up a whole night watching dumpster diving videos. I believe though that I read that the source for “Food Not Bombs” is from stores who’s food is about to perish. I think some stores don’t do this as if a person gets ill from consuming a product, even if its still perfectly fine, they are afraid of lawsuits. I do love the angle of this story though. The appearance of the lovely Andrew and the splash of drama was amazeballs. I also liked the reaction of the vendor.

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