I want to hug Michelle Obama!

Everyone who’s handled Canadian coinage has rubbed their palm against the Queen’s unfaltering visage. But few of us will ever have the opportunity to make physical contact with the woman behind their pocket change.

Michelle Obama, it seems, has taken that opportunity to a new level when she engaged The Queen in a brief, but meaningful, embrace this week.

I was deeply moved. I love the Royal Family.

I believe their presence and place in Canadian society has always been an inseparable part of our culture, history and identity and will remain so for many years to come.

While politicians come and go The Queen and her family have always been constant. I believe they keep us grounded to our roots without impeding us from moving forward in the world. It’s a happy balance of tradition and progress.

When Michelle Obama hugged The Queen she instantly added a new and extremely human dimension to this huge figure. The gesture is evidence of the First Lady’s incredible warmth and sincerity.

In this photo  Michelle Obama has a  kind, responsive expression on her face and ease of body language that is typical in her encounters with people from every walk of life.

I don’t think it made any difference to her that she was meeting the Sovereign. She saw past the titles and into the person before her, and I think that’s why The Queen responded positively. We all long to be treated like human beings.

I think Michelle Obama will bring so much good to this world.  Over and over again.

What would you do for a hug from Michelle Obama? What would you say to her? What would you tell your friends?

I want to know! I’ll mail some Twinkies to the person who writes the best response.